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Out of this world

Out of this world


Story and art: Takeru Kirishima

Publisher: Go! Comi; 200 pages

(ISBN: 978-1933617558)

For ages 16+

KAGURA Sakaki is a ronin (failed university applicant) who works part-time while studying for the next university entrance exams. His mundane life is thrown into turmoil when he wakes up one day to find a little girl sleeping next to him. As if that’s not shocking enough, when she awakes, she promptly calls him “Father”!

And his bad day has just begun.

When he arrives at his workplace, he finds it to be the scene of gruesome murders. As the assailant turns his attention on him and the little girl, Kagura is saved in the nick of time by his other self – the true father of the little girl named Kanna.

Kagura next finds out the existence of another world where his counterpart and his childhood crush are married and are protectors of Kanna, who has the power to violate the laws of Heaven and Earth. Stuck with his “daughter”, Kagura must now defend her from the evil gods who are trying to kill her, and also unearth the truth behind everything.

Kanna is quite a confusing series because many concepts are introduced in the first volume itself. The story moves at a frenetic pace initially, but slows down after the first two chapters to deal with Kagura and Kanna’s daily lives and how Kagura tries to adapt to having Kanna around.

Undoubtedly, the selling point of this series is Kanna herself, portrayed as a poor child lost in a place where she can’t even speak the language and only has her “father” to depend upon.

The series takes advantage of that and incongruously tosses in a running joke of Kanna doing a cosplay of many famous characters from games and anime, which provides some comedic relief.

The art by Kirishima-sensei is rather crude but it works well, even if it gets a tad confusing at some points. The character designs are pretty stereotypical and are nothing much to shout about. However, the fight scenes are good and bloody.

Kanna has a weird blend of moƩ (an anime style which inspires attraction thanks to its cute characters) supernatural elements and action.

If only the manga’s premise had been better explained, then the many concepts featured in the series would have been less puzzling.