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Singled Out

Title: Singled Out
Author: Trisha Ashley
Publisher: Piatkus

You so want a happy ending for 44-year-old single horror writer Cassandra "Cassie" Leigh.

With kooky religious despot parents who call her spawn of the devil and a jerk of a long-time (married) lover, she tugs at your heartstrings as she goes through life seeking to belong.

However, things seem to head in the right direction when long-time lover's wife Max finally kicks the bucket and Cassandra realises that she doesn't want anything to do with him.

Meanwhile, old friend Jason has developed a crush on her and the owner of a spooky mansion, Dante Chase, is pursuing her with all intentions of getting her.

Who Cassie chooses and how she finally gets around to overcoming her childhood trauma at the hands of her horrible parents makes for good reading. Cassie is likeable and you'll want to cheer her on.