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Celebrity Sells

Title: Celebrity Sells
Author: Hamish Pringle
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Pop quiz. Do you think celebrity endorsements sell? Does the sight of David Beckham kicking a football to unlock a crate of Pepsi make you want to chug down a sixpack?

Would you rush out to get a new shade of lipstick, just because Halle Berry was seen wearing it? Actually, whether you answered yes or no is immaterial. The evidence is in -- celebrity sells!

Hamish Pringle's fascinating study reveals just how "celebrity sells" and is an essential read for those in the media, advertising and marketing line.

He gives plenty of examples of celebrity selling at work, new insights, costs to brands, plus interviews with top creative talents such as Peter Souter, David Abbott and John Hegarty.

Everything you need to know about using celebrities for endorsements is covered here. Brilliant!