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What Teens Need To Succeed

Title: What Teens Need To Succeed
Authors: Peter L. Benson, Judy Galbraith and Pamela Espeland
Publisher: free spirit Publishing

Teenagers generally have the power to shape their future, change their lives for the better and make a difference in the lives of people around them. And this book teaches readers how.

Open this self-help book anywhere to learn about assets and how to build them. When speaking of assets, bear in mind they are not of the financial sort.

What's meant here are development assets -- good things that teenagers need in their lives and in themselves.

These assets, which can get you where you want to go, include a loving and supportive family, a neighbourhood where people care for one another, a school where everyone is safe and free to learn, self-esteem, creativity, integrity, conflict resolution skills and a sense of purpose.

According to this book, it is essential to build assets as they form a strong foundation for your life and positively influence your choices and actions, protecting from risky behaviour and building a person that people look up to, trust and respect.

In What Teens Need to Succeed, readers can find more than 1,200 ideas for building assets, more than 120 true stories of asset-building, hundreds of facts, lists of things to try, checklists and quizzes.

This book is intended as a collection of advice on various topics. Some will help readers get things they want or need, while others may be a description of things they already possess.