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Office Feng Shui -- Creating Harmony in Your Work Space

Title: Office Feng Shui -- Creating Harmony in Your Work Space
Author: Darrin Zeer
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC

A compact miniature book on one of the popular topics of our times -- feng shui. And it's a practical guide to creating harmony in the office too.

Best-selling author Darrin Zeer (his other works include Office Yoga and Office Spa) who is a relaxation consultant for corporations, takes the ancient wisdom of feng shui and updates it for contemporary application at the workplace.

There are more than 50 techniques outlined here with cute and interesting illustrations provided by Frank Montagna for effect -- to help increase efficiency, productivity and of course, harmony -- whether your space is an office, a cubicle, or at home.

For those who travel a lot, there are some helpful tips in the chapter, Feng Shui on the Go.

Easy to understand and presented in a compact booklet format, Office Feng Shui is a useful tool to regain composure and peace of mind in the workplace, with just a few rearrangements and some placement of auspicious objects.